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Friday, February 10, 2006

Pennsylvania Politics -- Gentlemen Start Your Engines

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review/WTAE Keystone Poll shows a dead heat between Republican Lynn Swann and incumbent Ed Rendell for the governship. Well, actually, Rendell is three percentage points ahead of Swann, but that's within the poll's margin of error. In the past the poll results have fluctuated greatly, but the overall trend shows Swann closing the gap on Rendell and now drawing even with him. What is significant here is that Rendell's re-elect number is only 39% while a majority, 54%, say that it's time for a change. That suggests that this is Swann's election to win or lose. He's the candidate, now he has to prove himself.

In the senatorial race, pitting Bob Casey against incumbent Rick Santorum, Casey continues to hold a double digit lead over Santorum, but the race is closing. The gap was 16% in the last Keystone poll; it is now down to 11%.

Read it here.

Will Swann keep surging? Will Santorum close the gap?

Stay tuned....

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