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Friday, September 01, 2006

Rummy Responds

Hat tip Instapundit.

Don Rumsfeld responds in the LA Times to the hysterical distortions of his recent statements by urging everyone to read what he actually said.
"I do worry about the lack of perspective in our national dialogue — a perspective on history and the new challenges and threats that free people face today. Those who know the truth need to speak out against the myths and distortions being told about our troops and our country. My remarks at the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion conventions have generated much discussion. I encourage everyone to read what I actually said at"
Read the whole thing here.

Here are the links:
Address at the 88th Annual American Legion National Convention

Address at the 107th National Convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars

He followed this with letters to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed in which he stated:
I was concerned about comments attributed to you in the media about the remarks I recently made to the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Thought and careful preparation went into what I said. It is absolutely essential for us to look at lessons of history in this critical moment in the war on terror. I was honored by the reception my statements received from our veterans.

I am sending you the full text of my remarks because I assume your comments to the press were made in reaction to inaccurate media reports, such as the coverage by the Associated Press.

I know you agree that with America under attack and U.S. troops in the field, our national debate on this should be constructive.

Source here.

Way to go Rummy! This guy's a fighter. I suspect that Democrats will rue the day they decided to target him.

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