Day By Day

Friday, December 21, 2007

Another Movie to Miss

Hollywood is starting to get the message, but too many anti-war projects are in the works for it to adjust quickly to the new political climate.

"Charlie Wilson's War", produced by left-winger Aaron Sorkin, was originally conceived as a way to discredit the Reagan administration's claims to have hastened the end of the Cold War. It's central point was that the Soviet Union's decline wasn't the Republican administration's achievement, but the work of of a single Democratic congresscritter.

That part of the history rewrite remains intact in the current release, but at least the moonbats have been forced to retreat on their second major point. In its earlier stages "Charlie Wilson's War" was intended to show that US arming and funding of Afghan rebels in the 1980s led directly to the creation of al Qaeda and the death of thousands of Americans on 9/11 -- a left-wing article of faith, but one not supported by facts. At this blatant attempt at rewriting history, Charlie Wilson himself rebelled. His objections led to the al-Qaeda smear being dropped by the film-makers [although it is still implied and left wing critics have been quick to assert it].

The belated realization that sliming Republicans, the administration, and the United States is box office poison has led the film-makers to adjust their advertising campaign. CWW is now being billed as a comedy rather than political commentary.

Don't be fooled -- it's at heart just another left-wing screed, candy-coated to be sure, but still a slam at Republicans.

Give it a pass -- I know I will.


A lot of people seem to have passed on this one. Even with mega star power and a deceptive advertising campaign boosting it, CWW is projected (on the basis of Friday's Box Office totals) to take in only a mere 9.7 million dollars over the weekend. That's a terrible opening for a big-budget film. By contrast the patriotic-themed "National Treasure" is projected to take in about 60 million dollars this weekend. Not bad!