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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Horrible and Heartless

Meet a dead girl. Her name is Aqsa Parvez. She was strangled to death by her loving father because she refused to dress in conformity with the dictates of Sharia law.

Michelle Malkin has a long, and excellent posting on the case. The key points are that this horrific crime took place in Toronto, not in some isolated region of South Asia, and that the Canadian and US press are whitewashing the incident in the interests of protecting cultural diversity.

Read the whole thing here.

Read Mark Steyn's comments here.

It really is horrifying just how many of our essential rights the left is willing, even eager, to jettison in order to satisfy the demands of political correctness. Steyn puts it this way:

"Honor killings" were something we assumed took place on the fringes of the map - the Pakistani tribal lands, Yemen, Jordan. They now happen in the heart of western cities, and western feminist groups are silent, and western media rush to excuse it as just one of those things, couldda happened to anybody. The underlying message the press coverage communicates is horrible and heartless: the murder of Aqsa Parvez is an acceptable price to pay for cultural diversity.
"Horrible and Heartless" indeed.