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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Bush's Diplomatic Triumphs

My, my, my! Even the sluggards over at Time Magazine are beginning (grudgingly to be sure, and trying all the while to shift as much credit to Clinton as possible) to admit that Dubya might have some significant diplomatic accomplishments to brag about. [here]

Don Surber agrees:

far from being a madman who pissed off the world, President Bush has diplomatic accomplishments that go well beyond the Annapolis summit.

Let’s see, he got Libya to give up its WMD program, got North Korea to give up its nuke program, got NATO’s help in Afghanistan, and kept Pakistan and India on the same page in the war on terrorism.

The Iraq war has gone so well that two of the Axis of Weasels has elected two very pro-American leaders. The third member has split politically.

While is not diplomacy, it does show that far from turning the world against us — squandering the goodwill from 9/11 as Democrats spin it (wasting the pity is what they mean) — Bush has built relations with allies.

Read it here.

It goes far beyond that. When Dubya took office India and Pakistan were on the brink of nuclear war -- Bush and Powell were instrumental in defusing that most dangerous of situations. Bush has taken the lead in creating new security structures in Asia and has reached significant agreements regarding environmental issues. Let us not forget the recent energy development pact with Brazil, the new security arrangements with Eastern Europe, and the development of a Sunni bloc aimed at constraining Iran. At the very least Bush is creating international structures that will shape the world's response to security and energy problems for a long time. Bush's dad talked about a new world order, Dubya is creating it.