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Friday, December 21, 2007

Romney Marched With MLK

Another scandal that isn't.

Mitt Romney has come under fire for claiming that his father marched with Martin Luther King. "Not so!" scream the press -- he's lying or fantasizing. He's no better than Bill Clinton or John Kerry and obviously unfit for high office.

Well, Mark Halperin has the goods.

In 1963 Gov. Romney gave the keynote address at the conference that sparked Martin Luther King's freedom marches in Grosse Pointe.

In July of that year Gov. Romney marched in a NAACP demonstration in Grosse Pointe.

Steven Hess and David Broder reported in 1967 that Gov. Romney "marched with Martin Luther King".

There is much, much more. Read it here.

So you guys -- I'm talkin' bout you Matthews, Brownstein, Klein, and the rest -- who ridiculed Mitt Romney for making up his dad's history -- you owe Mitt a big apology.


The Politico has located a woman who witnessed Gov. Romney marching with Martin Luther King in 1963 -- the two men were holding hands. Read it here.