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Friday, December 07, 2007

Bush and the NIE

A few days ago I wrote, regarding the NIE assessment that has the MSM in a tizzy:
Once again Bush has been proven right and his critics wrong. Critics of the administration's policy have repeatedly asserted that prior to 2003 nobody in the Middle East was trying to get nuclear capacity, but that it was the US invasion of Iraq that convinced them of the necessity of starting WMD programs. As a result we were in more danger than before the invasion. If the new intelligence assessment is correct, exactly the opposite took place. Before the US invaded Iraq both Iran and Lybia had active covert weapons programs, but as a result of that invasion they suspended or abandoned their pursuit of nuclear weapons. That counts as a big plus for Bush and his policy and a direct repudiation of his critics.
Read it here.

Well, Don Surber has come to the same conclusion:

THE nation's spies re-assessed the Iran situation. Instead of Iran being on the verge of splitting the atom - as everyone in the world assumed - Iran gave it up in 2003.


If anything this shows that Bush was right....

What happened in 2003?

The Iraq war.


[S]hortly after allied troops took over Baghdad, Libya's Muammar Gaddafi volunteered to give up his programs to develop WMD.

Perhaps Iran followed suit.


The only thing that changed in 2003 was that we put 100,000-plus troops in the nation to the west of Iran. This was on top of the troops we placed in the nation north of Iran.

It did not take a genius to figure out who might be next.

And just to make sure everyone was clear about this, President Bush mentioned the Axis of Evil: Iraq, Iran and North Korea.

Like me Surber thinks it is absurd to assert, as many in the MSM do, that Iran's backdown was due entirely to international pressures and it is ludicrous as well as despicable to spin this report as anything other than a rousing vindication of Bush's policy.

Read his article here.