Day By Day

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tuba Time In the City

Once again the tubas came to the Inner Harbor. I decided to wander down and take pictures.

First I saw the Santas. One was wearing a gas mask, must be a Dr. Who fan.

Then, as I proceeded toward the amphitheater, the gulls came, swarming around some fool who was throwing bread on the esplanade.

They came, they fought, they ate, and then they left a few crumbs for the pigeons and one lone sparrow.

A crowd had begun to assemble near Santa's lair.

The music started. This is the "Heart of Maryland" men's chorus. At first I thought they were a group of homeless guys, but they had music and a conductor and sounded pretty good.

Then the Sousaphones marched in and took over.

And the full tuba ensemble assembled.

And so did the crowd, including this critter. Hey, it's Baltimore, ya gotta have crabs.