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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Oprah/Obama -- Dream Anew

The Oprah-Obama happening just happened, and it was spectacular [video here]. The size of the event was staggering, Oprah was amazing -- far more political than I expected -- she has Hillary in her cross-hairs and isn't shooting blanks. And Obama now has a potent slogan -- "Dream Anew". What does that mean? Why, it can mean anything and everything you can imagine -- that's why it is so potent.

Before today I doubted that Obama could defeat the Clinton machine, but now I'm not so sure. We could be seeing a real phenomenon here. The Obama people were quite smart in turning this into a volunteer recruitment event that should continue to have effects for months to come. There's no doubting the energy and idealism of these people, but can it be sustained into the coming year..., we shall see.

All of which is not good for the Republic.

The key to Obama's appeal is simply this -- people want to vote for him because they can feel good about themselves and make a statement to the effect that they are not racists. He's a genuine superstar in our celebrity-driven culture, but beyond that, there's no there there. I sense that he would be an unmitigated disaster as President.

Hillary, despite the fact that she makes my skin crawl, is a competent political pro who has the chops to be an effective head of the executive branch. I have always held to the belief that a genuinely evil person will do less damage in the long run than a well-intentioned fool. One thing about the Hildebeast, she may be evil, but she is no fool.

I never thought I would be rooting for Senator Clinton, but what I'm seeing in the Obama campaign -- the mindless emotionalism, the total lack of substance -- scares the Hell out of me.

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