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Thursday, December 13, 2007

VDH on Iran

Victor Davis Hanson notes that tremendous changes have taken place in the Middle East and Europe in the past two years.

In 2005 one could plausibly argue that the invasion of Iraq had vastly benefited Iran by removing its greatest rival in the region. Moreover, by employing surrogates like Hamas, Hizbullah, and the Shiite majority in Iraq, Iran could keep Israel and the United States bogged down while it expanded its influence throughout the region. And the disunity of the western powers and strong anti-American sentiment meant that European states would give Iran a free pass for its activities.

Today things have changed dramatically. The West is now united as pro-American governments have taken power in France and Germany. Moreover Europe is now roused to the threat that Iranian missiles might pose if ever equipped with nuclear warheads. Israeli strikes have seriously disrupted Hizbullah. Iraq is quieting down and the Shiite majority there is refusing to act at the behest of Iran. Sunni regimes throughout the region are lining up against Iran and are looking to the US for protection. Finally, the Iranian economy is tanking, largely due to the huge amounts of money it spent subsidizing terror activities in Iraq and elsewhere.

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With each month that passes American influence in the region increases and that of Iran diminishes. In part this is due to the over-reaching of the Iranian regime and the rhetorical excesses of its President, but some credit must also be allocated to the Bush administration and the increasing effectiveness of America's military.

Things are looking up.