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Friday, December 30, 2005

Katrina -- The Shame of the Media

If the idiots who manage the MSM can for a minute quit congratulating themselves on how well they reported the Katrina mess they can ruminate on the fact that almost every major point reported from the scene was wrong. Not only that but the "larger truths" drawn from the disaster were also wrong.

As Knight Ridder reports:

1) the victims were not (repeat not) disproportionately poor.

2) nor where they disproportionately non-white.

3) many of those who died had access to transportation out of the city, but chose instead to stay.
4) the only demographic category that distinguishes victims from survivors is age. Three quarters of the victims were over the age of sixty, many were residents of nursing homes who were abandoned. This fact was generally ignored by the MSM in the rush to indict America for neglecting the poor and black.

It is not just that journalists got the basic facts wrong, but they got the whole context within which those facts were presented wrong. Katrina should be widely recognized for what it is -- an damning and unanswerable indictment of the Mainstream Media..., but it probably won't be. Far too many people have too much invested in the outdated myths that shaped the coverage.

Read the KR story here.

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