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Sunday, December 11, 2005

More Miss World

Some of the Miss World runners-up. Clockwise from the upper left:

Miss India (Sindhura Gadde); Swimsuit winners (Miss Mexico, Miss Russia, and Miss Moldova); Miss Canada (Ramona Rina Amiri); Miss Moldova (Irina Dolovova) [again, I couldn't resist]; and Miss Italy, (Sofia Bruscoli) [my personal favorite].


Tigerhawk [here] has an extended post on "The Geopolitical Significance of the Miss World Contest." His basic point seems to be that few of these women fit the ethnic stereotypes of their countries of origin. That is certainly true, and it testifies to the ways in which the globalization of opportunities is thoroughly scrambling world populations and creating an ethnically non- specific international standard of female beauty. He also has a link to lots of Sofia pictures.

And, for more Miss Moldova, check out this site. [hubba, hubba!]

On a universal standard of beauty see here.

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