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Monday, December 19, 2005

Where is the Context?

Mega power-pointer Thomas P. M. Barnett writes:

The press always wants a quick and easy answer to the question: Who wins and when does it happen? Either the U.S. is winning or the enemy is winning, and it has to be done by Tuesday. If Bush speaks to the long fight and says we'll always pursue victory even as it takes years and decades to unfold, then he must be speaking illogically. The Second World War should have been over by 1943. The Cold War should have ended in 1953. If the GWOT isn't done by 2005, then we've lost and we must retreat from the world.

We lost over 20k in Iwo Jima and we won. If we lose 2k-plus in almost three years in Iraq, then we must be losing.

Where are the wise men? Hell, where are the journalists with any sense of history?

Sorry, Tom, they're long gone, along with the entire institutional structure that produced them. A generation that took pride in freeing themselves from the shackles of the past killed them off.

Read Barnett's comments here.

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