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Friday, December 23, 2005

The Most Important News Story of the Year?

A little perspective here. The local radio station here in Pennsylvania is running a listener poll on the top story of the year. The beltway stories that obsess the blogosphere are barely making a ripple. The Iraq elections only came in at number five, and combat deaths were number eight.

The top story, with 34% of the votes....., the death of the Pope.

Number two...., with 19%..., high gas prices.

Number three..., Katrina.

I wonder how many people in the national media will pick the Pope's death as the year's top story? Not too many, I suspect. It will be interesting next week to see their choices.

I suspect that the year end polling will reveal, once more, a radical disconnect between national and local cultures. And, lest it be forgotten, Tip O'Neill wisely said..., "All Politics Is Local" especially in an off-year election like the one we will be facing next year.

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