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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bush and Immigration

The guys down on the Corner are currently debating just why President Bush is so strongly resisting restrictive and punitive measures on immigration. The reasons they and their correspondents raise are many and include:

Let’s start with the kooks. Left wing websites are saying that,

It’s all about Mexican oil.

Bush hires illegals at his ranch.

Bush has a secret plan to unify North America, modeled on the EU.


Now for some more considered perspectives:

Bush is a Texan and has witnessed there the successful creation of a stable, peaceful, multiethnic society. He is convinced that with sufficient tolerance and goodwill the Texas experience can be replicated nationally.

Bush is a Christian and sincerely believes that immigration restriction would be an inhumane and anti-Christian thing to implement.

Bush worries about offending the Mexican electorate with national elections looming this July. There is a real possibility that a left-wing government will take office south of the border and that would be disastrous to American interests. Anti-immigrant legislation would just play into the Leftists’ hands.

Bush is seriously committed to attracting Hispanic voters into the Republican Party.

Bush subscribes to an elitist, policy wonky, perspective that holds that the free exchange of labor, capital, and goods across national borders is in the best interests of all concerned.

Bush sees Mexico as a “cousin nation” like Britain, Canada or Israel to be accorded special status.


Actually, when you think about it, these are some very good reasons for opposing immigration restriction. Immigration restriction would hurt the economies of two or more nations; would cast Republicans as restrictionist and exclusive, costing them votes and validating Democrat charge that they are mean spirited; would play into the hands of radicals south of the border and threatens the political stability of one of our closest neighbors; and would seriously damage America's image in the world.

Remember all those movement conservatives who were yelping about the politics of principle and demanding a President who would stand by his convictions. Well they got one – and he’s a great one too – and now they’re complaining because he doesn’t jump through hoops every time they snap their fingers.

Once again I repeat – Bush is a far greater man than his critics, both left and right.

Read the comments here. Scroll down because there are a lot of them.

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