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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Upside of Katrina

Lou Dolinar over at RCP has a nice piece on "What the Media Missed" in Katrina.

The key point:

[B]y focusing on the part of the glass that was half-empty, the national media imposed a near total blackout on the nerve center of what may have been the largest, most successful aerial search and rescue operation in history.

"The Coast Guard, the National Guard, the military in general performed heroically,"

Read the whole thing here.

If the media reporting had been fair and balanced, if the enormously successful rescue effort had been reported, Bush would probably today be remembered as the hero of Katrina instead of the goat. Instead we got relentless negativity and a host of false stories that became fixed in the public mind.

And the idiot journalists go around giving themselves plaudits and awards for their "courageous" Katrina coverage which was almost entirely a lie.


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