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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More Science Follies -- The Latest on Neanderthals

In the past we have been treated to authoritative pronouncements from "scientists" to the effect that Neanderthals and Modern Humans interbred, that they coexisted but ignored each other, that Modern Humans exterminated Neanderthals, that they out-competed Neanderthals, etc., etc., etc.
Now we are told that they never met.

Read it here.

Mutable knowledge is not authoritative, merely suggestive, but such is the unearned prestige of Science that its wildest and most contradictory pronouncements are receive by a gullible public as "reality." There is a huge difference between "at the present time the best evidence we have would seem to support such and such an interpretation" and "this is how things are" but the distinction is seldom recognized when scientists encounter the media.

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