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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pennsylvania Politics -- Diana Irey

She's young, she's beautiful, she's smart, she's articulate, and [according to my Western Pa sources], she's very ambitious. Quite a package! This fall she's running against my former Congresscritter, Jack Murtha, in Pennsylvania's Twelfth District. I wish her well.

Meet Diana Irey.

Currently a Washington (PA) County Commissioner [here] Irey spoke Wednesday at the National Press Club in DC. Flanked by uniformed veterans she called on Mr. Murtha to apologize for his recent remarks charging American marines with committing atrocities in Iraq.

"John Murtha was a patriot," Ms. Irey said at the Press Club. "...But many years have passed and I say again my opponent has lost his way because the comments and actions of late are not that of a patriot. Rather they serve to aid and comfort our enemies."

"These inflammatory remarks read around the world not only put Americans lives at risk," she said, "but will also be used as a recruiting tool for terrorist organizations."

Read about it here.

Check out her website here.

Murtha is a legendary porkmeister who has accumulated a hefty war chest of about $1.5 million. By contrast Irey has raised only about $75,000 and has little of that left. However, she's beginning to attract national attention and money is starting to come in from out of State. She also has support from the Santorum campaign. There's a lot of animosity against Murtha for his recent statements, but he is also recognized as someone who brings money into the district. Will Irey be able to overcome the old guy's significant advantages?

Stay tuned....

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