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Monday, May 22, 2006

Uganda Stands Up to the EU Crazies

At last, a third world nation is willing to stand up to the monstrous demands of the environmental crazies in the EU.

The African nation of Uganda has announced it will defy European Union threats and begin indoor spraying of DDT to battle rampant malaria.

Malaria kills more people in Uganda each year than any other disease, including AIDS and tuberculosis, which typically receive more media attention. Malaria accounts for 40 percent of all illnesses and 21 percent of deaths in Uganda's hospitals. Every year the disease kills approximately 100,000 children under five years old in the country.

"We have to kill malaria using DDT, and the matter has been settled that DDT is not harmful to humans and if used for indoor-insecticide spraying," Uganda Health Minister Jim Muhwezi told the East African on April 4. "It's the most effective and cheapest way to fight malaria."


"The result of the DDT ban has been an unspeakable death toll," observed film producer and preventive medicine doctor D. Rutledge Taylor in the March 20 issue of American Daily. "It is about the greatest human death toll in the known history of man, far greater than the holocaust and all the wars combined. It is time that we as generations of humans wake up and do what is right for humanity."
That's right -- the posthumanist tree huggers have been responsible for the deaths of more innocents than Hitler, Stalin and Mao combined. The DDT ban resulted from a confluence of junk science, environmentalist madness, and liberal internationalist arrogance. It stands as perhaps the greatest crime against humanity of all time, and it is the most horrific reminder of what can happen when we allow "scientific" authority to dictate public policy.

Rachael Carson's acolytes have one hell of a lot to answer for.

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