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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What to Do About Iran?

Bret Stephens notes that the diplomatic efforts to dissuade Iran from gaining nuclear weaponry over the past three years have been spectacularly ineffective and show no promise of ever being anything else. At the same time the military option is impractical. So what is to be done? He offers three possibilities:

1) Negotiate directly with the puppet masters. Ignore Ahmadinejad and deal directly with his clerical overlords.

2) Target Iranian financial interests which are widespread and vulnerable.

3) Threaten to cut off their gasoline supplies. Iran has oil but can’t refine it. They have to import gasoline.

Interesting…. Read it here. We have to find something, neither endless talking nor the military option seems to be reasonable, and the much hoped for revolt against the mullahs just ain't gonna happen.

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