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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Hill -- Casey is Starting to Sweat

The Hill reports that Bob Casey's spinners are desperately trying to downplay the significance of several polls showing that Santorum is gaining on him.

The main reason is not that the race is tightening so much as the fact that Santorum's gains are threatening to obviate the main reason for Casey's candidacy -- the idea that only a moderate like him can win in November.

I have recently received several communications from supporters of Casey's rivals for the Democratic nomination arguing that the only winning strategy will be to sharpen the distinctions between Santorum and his opponent. Casey is, as I have pointed out several times, really a Republican moderate who agrees with Santorum on almost everything except the minimum wage. Close polls only strengthen their argument for a more left-wing candidate and this is why the Casey spinners are going into overdrive.

Read the Hill report here.

Relax guys, Casey has the nomination in the bag -- in fact, he just won. Now it's just Bobby vs. Rickey.

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