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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Crepes at Cross Street

Blogging this morning from the Crepes place south of the Harbor, right across from the Cross Street Market. "She" is over at the gym, about half a block from here. The place is packed with young women! I must be the only person over the age of twenty-five here. Damn! I feel old!

At least there's wi-fi and pretty good food.

This neighborhood is crawling with young people along with your standard urban prole and artsy types. Reminds me a lot of some university neighborhoods where I've lived. But here, we're several miles from the nearest institution of higher education [unless you count the community college at the harbor]. The area is a transitional zone -- heavily gentrified to the north and east, lots of low-rent worker housing to the south and west, and a bar/restaurant/shopping area in between. If I were twenty-something I'd want to live here too. It's an easy walk to the city center and public transit can get you to school, there's lots of cheap housing available, there are parks where you can walk the ubiquitous big dogs, and there are several neat little shops and book stores, restaurants, and of course lots of bars. On a Friday night young people swarm to the area. I just hadn't realized that so many of them would still be here on Saturday morning.

"She" just joined me and is wolfing down my crepe. "Just one bite" she says. Sure! I guess all that exercise gave her an appetite. There goes another bite. Not much left. Made her thirsty, too. There went my soda!


Time to pay my bill and head home. There should be something in the fridge.

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