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Monday, March 13, 2006

Walking In The Woods On A Sticky Afternoon

Instapundit is photo-blogging down in Tennessee [here]. Spring is in full flower down there. Yesterday as we were leaving the Harbor I noticed that the Bradford pears were in bud, so they should be blooming soon. Up here in the mountains of Pennsylvania, though, we're still waiting. The bulbs are now protruding about six inches above ground. Soon..., soon..., they seem to say. I can't wait.

Today the temperature was nice -- mid-sixties with a light breeze -- ideal early Spring weather..., except for the humidity. A heavy fog moved in last evening and stayed all night and through the morning, making the woods really spooky [the photo doesn't really do them justice]. Even as late as this afternoon an oppressive haze hung over everything.

It won't last though. As I write the TV is on in the background and the weatherbabe is talking about a major storm system heading our way with a massive cold front right behind it. Uh oh! She just said the magic words -- "Winter Storm Warning!"


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