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Friday, March 03, 2006

A Dreadful Day

Yesterday was drab, dreary, and depressing. The sky was unrelieved gray, a fine mist was falling, and ice coated everything. The roads were unsafe so we stayed at home. "She Who Shall Not Be Named" took advantage of the time to download several utilities from the internet. Unfortunately, we are on dial-up here with only one line so I was unable to do any blogging. Finally around midnight "She" happily announced "The phone is free -- I'm going to bed." Of course by that time I was semi-comatose myself.

To those among my correspondents who have made comments like "I had no idea you were so old-fashioned" or "this is the Twenty-First Century, everyone has DSL" etc. You guys know who you are. My only option would be a satellite hookup. We are so far out in the woods that the cable lines don't run and Domino's don't deliver. And, since we are not here full-time it isn't worth the expense.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of the ice sheet. Depressing aren't they? But today there was compensation. [That's what I love about early spring -- winter rears up occasionally, but you know it isn't gonna last long and the aftermath feels so clean and promising.] Today the sun is out, shining brightly on the ice-covered trees, and the branches are filled with diamonds. I just went out and took a few pictures. Hope they came out because it was really spectacular.

More later.

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