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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More on the Shortest Civil War in History

Mudville Gazette has a roundup of events in and reporting on Iraq. The key point that emerges from it is that the American media have grossly overdramatized the situation, almost lusting for a civil war that never emerged, while the Iraqi political class has stood firm against the purveyors of terror. Those who are waiting for Iraq to dissolve into chaos are going to have to wait a bit longer..., a long, long bit longer.

Read it here.

As Ralph Peters puts it in the New York Post:
March 1, 2006 -- THE reporting out of Baghdad continues to be hysterical and dishonest. There is no civil war in the streets. None. Period.

Terrorism, yes. Civil war, no. Clear enough?


You are being lied to. By elements in the media determined that Iraq must fail....

Read it here.

And regarding the perfidity of the US media, Wretchard over at Belmont Club notes that an important anti-Islamist manifesto, signed by major figures in the intellectual world of the West [the very folk who the New York Times ordinarily fawn over] was first published not in New York, but in Denmark. How is it possible that the NYT missed this one? Oh..., because the writers and philosophers are taking a determined stand against Islamist radicalism. That's why.

Read it here.

And Healing Iraq publishes some disturbing pictures. The Sadrists are making their push for power and it shows. [here]

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