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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pennsylvania Politics -- Swann Intrigues Black Voters

Delegates to Pennsylvania's African-American Political Convention are sizing up Lynn Swann's candidacy for governor. The political pros, overwhelmingly Democrat, are trying to figure out just how to handle him. Some are taking the line that as a Republican he is out of touch with the needs of black voters, but others are intrigued by the possibility of having a black governor.

They all agree that Swann will get the attention of black voters this fall and that his positions will be heard in the black community.

What I find interesting is that some prominent black Democrat politicians and organizations are already starting to call for meetings with Swann so they can hear his views personally and have some input into his campaign. They wouldn't be doing that unless they were worried he might win. There is a real potential here for a serious dialogue to take place in the Pennsylvania black community and that is not good news for the Democrats.

Read the PPG article here.

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