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Friday, March 17, 2006

Ooooooh! Cat Fight!

Cathy Seipp cuts loose on somebody with the unfortunate name of Nikki Finke [apparently she does a Hollywood gossip column in LA]. It's not pretty.

Here's the lede:
How hath the crazy fallen, I thought when I noticed L.A. Weekly columnist/pretend lawyer Nikki Finke now has a blog, because of course Nikki has long been dismissive of the blogosphere. She also, at least until fairly recently, has been ignorant of basic blogospheric knowledge that the IP addresses of commenters are easily checked. So for instance if you post once here under the name Nikki Finke, and then again pretending to be a lawyer threatening me with libel for insulting Nikki Finke, it might be better to post that second comment from someone else's computer. I guess that's inconvenient, though, if you rarely leave the house. I haven't seen Nikki in years, probably because these days she looks like Jabba the Hut, if you can imagine Jabba after he's said to hell with the diets already.
Ouch! That's gotta hurt.

Read the whole thing here.

OK Nikki --your turn....

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