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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Maryland Politics -- Steele's Biography

The New York Times Magazine has a long, reasonably fair, in-depth piece on Michael Steele, currently Lt. Gov. of Maryland and Republican candidate for the Senate. Of course, being the Times, they think it appropriate to express astonishment that a black man is running as a Republican and are rather cynical in their approach to Republican outreach to African-Americans. Still, it's a fair article and well worth reading. Check it out here.


Betsy Newmark sees this article, along with various Democrat dirty tricks against Steele, as evidence that his candidacy, along with those of Lynn Swann in Pennsylvania and Ken Blackwell in Ohio, has provoked real panic and "paranoid" dread in Democrat ranks. That may be. Democrats can't win without 90% of the black vote. But we will see..., we will see.... Professional politicians, unlike journalists, are not given to paranoid responses. Read Betsy's Blog here.

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