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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Staying Fit With Condi

The Times reports:
CONDOLEEZZA RICE prostrates herself in front of a former Marine with her arms outstretched, then pivots on her backside, raising her legs and chest to find the “balance point”.

This is how the world’s most powerful woman works out in possibly the strangest exercise video yet made.

The US Secretary of State has invited cameras into her departmental gym to record how she squeezes fitness training into her busy schedule. NBC began broadcasting the three-part series yesterday, featuring a warm-up of “easy spinning” on an exercise bike followed by shots of her abdominal routine. Today, breathless (not to mention sweaty) viewers will be told about “the one time her weight got out of control — and what she did about it”.

Read the whole thing here.

Hey, the State gig ain't gonna last forever. A girl's gotta look ahead. Next, "Sweatin' With the Oldies" starring Richard and Condi. Shudder...

And also on the Condi beat:

Editor & Publisher reports:

NEW YORK Elisabeth Bumiller, a prominent Washington correspondent for The New York Times and frequent TV guest, will be going on leave in June to write a biography of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
The leave is expected to last one year.

Read it here,

I don't care what they say, this girl is running! Go Condi, go Condi, go Condi!!!!

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