Day By Day

Monday, March 17, 2008

Angry Old Folk

Hillary! and her horrid hubby, Gloria, Geraldine, now Rev. Wright -- sure seems to be a lot of angry old folk mouthing off these days. Could it be that we are beginning to see, in Obama's campaign, a generational shift not unlike that of the mid-1960's in the Democrat ranks?

This campaign, despite all the MSM blather about the injection of race and gender into the mix, is more than anything else a generational struggle on the Democrat side. A new generation of young people are flocking to Obama based on nothing more than a rejection of the sleaze and group-think that has characterized Democrat politics in recent decades. If Obama wins the nomination it will mark nothing less than a revolution in Democrat politics. That will open the way for a fair test of progressive principles. With both Obama and Big Mac running clean and above-board campaigns, with the major issues of contention well-defined, American voters will have a clear-cut, honest choice between two admirable and candidates each advancing a principled agenda.

If Hillary! and her increasingly shrill and desperate-sounding cohort of nasty old haters manage to pull this thing out, it will be a very long and dispiriting summer and fall and the election will, like ever other one in recent memory, be characterized by sleaze and slime and unfair personal attacks.

Just saying....