Day By Day

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ends of the Earth

The Military Dad points me to this piece in which Spiked carries the anti-humanist themes of modern environmentalism to their logical conclusion.

"Ethan Greenhart", green-living guru, received a letter asking his advice:

After careful consideration I have decided to end my life. Things haven’t been going very well for me lately, but more importantly I am keen to reduce my carbon impact on the planet. Like the average Briton I probably produce around 9.3 tonnes of carbon each year. I am 26 years old, and reckon I could live for another 60 years; if I end things now I will save a total of 558 tonnes of carbon, for which I believe future generations should be grateful. But I have a question: what is the most ethical way to commit suicide? I don’t want my self-destruction to be destructive to the planet!

Read "Greenhart's" reply here. It, of course, is satire, but it embodies a deep truth -- modern environmentalism is fundamentally anti-human and as such quite dangerous. There are eco-warriors who come close to thinking this way.