Day By Day

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Liars..., liars.....

In light of Hillary!'s recent inoperable statements regarding her visit to Bosnia[damning video here] it is perhaps useful to check out this compilation of Clintonian lies referenced by Christopher Hitchens.

What is stunning is not the fact that the Clintons lie casually and constantly about nearly everything, it is that the Democrat establishment and many members of the MSM for more than a decade have not only accepted this astounding record of duplicity, but have actually abetted it. Political operatives can, perhaps, be excused -- they, after all, are just hired guns employed by the Clintons and their Party -- but the role of the MSM is entirely despicable. Not only have they covered up and apologized for this horrid couple, but now that Hillary!'s star is beginning to fade [here], they pile on, suddenly discovering that she is..., gasp..., lying.

This dramatic pivot on the part of the MSM -- their willingness, even eagerness, to destroy their former favorite, and their determination to apologize for Obama in his hour of distress -- is perhaps the surest indicator of how the political winds are blowing.

I'm still not ready to count Hillary! and her horrible hubby out, and probably won't be able to do so until both are in their graves with stakes through their shriveled hearts, but things certainly don't look good for them.

I had long thought that I would rejoice at the fall of the Clintons, but I cannot. For all their loathsomeness, they represent a relatively sane alternative to the madness of the Obama cultists. The Clintons merely disgust me -- the Obama crowd scares me. I'm actually hoping that the horribles can pull this one out.