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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Not Another Dialogue on Race, Please!

Jonah Goldberg has a nice piece on that nice young Senator from Chicago's call for "a national dialogue on race."

It's not like we haven't been having a continual national dialogue on race for the past half-century.

His conclusion:

Why do voluptuaries of racial argy-bargy want yet another such dialogue? For some, it’s to avoid actually dealing with unpleasant facts. But for others — like La Raza or the college professors scrambling to follow Obama’s lead — when they say we need more conversation, they really mean their version of reality should win the day. Replace “conversation” with “instruction” and you’ll have a better sense of where these people are coming from and where they want their “dialogue” to take us.

Well said!

Read the whole thing here.


Writing about Obama's promise to [in the words of Jonathan Alter] "instruct and illuminate and rearrange our mental furniture" Mickey Kaus writes:

I'm not sure I want to be instructed and elevated any more by Prof. Obama. I'd kind of like to rearrange his mental furniture on welfare and affirmative action, where his vagueness suggests incoherence more than brilliance. Alter holds out the prospect that an Obama Presidency will not be four years of merely winning "backing in polls for a course of action"--oh no, that's easy!-- but ... well, four years of insufferable pedagogic condescension.
Read it here.

Insufferable indeed!