Day By Day

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tree Hugging

Once again it is the weekend -- time for a couple more pictures of Pennsylvania's natural beauty.

Whenever I have the time and the weather permits I like to walk through the fields and forests with a camera. You never know what you will stumble upon. A few months ago I climbed a hill and started down the other side, then glanced back and saw this. Just an ordinary tree, branches bare and silhouetted against the sky.

Nice, ain't it? I'm a sucker for trees -- especially free-standing ones. It doesn't matter whether they have leaves or not.

And whether those leaves are green or turning.

Although I must admit that my favorite time of year is those few weeks in the Fall when I can wander through "realms of gold" [apologies to John Keats]. I actually prefer the muted golds and greens and browns of Penn's Woods to New England's more spectacular foliage (although my wife and I do like to take one weekend each Fall to travel north to New Hampshire for some "leaf peeking").


It appears that Rick Lee shares my passion for trees. Read it here.