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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Collapse of the Global Warming Paradigm?

More problems for the climate hysterics emerged this week in an interview with Jennifer Marohasy conducted by the ABC [Australian Broadcasting Corporation]. In it Dr. Marohasy, Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs, pointed out that over the course of the past decade, even as global warming hysteria has peaked, the global climate has actually been cooling, a fact that has been admitted even by the IPCC. She also pointed out that data from NASA's Aqua satellite system has shown that weather processes compensate for increases in CO2 levels and that the climate systems are far more robust than any of the major computer models assume.

As new information is being assimilated by scientists, she notes, the climate consensus is crumbling. She expects the entire global warming paradigm to collapse soon.

Let us sincerely hope so.

Read a summary of the interview here.