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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Whoops, He Did It Again

The most disturbing part of Obama's "big speech" on race was his willingness to brand his white grandmother, who raised him, as a racist, simply because she admitted, after being mugged, to being afraid when a young black man approached her on the street. Didn't Jesse Jackson say something similar? Why, yes he did! Guess that makes him biased against blacks too. And, of course, the kinds of occasional private utterances Obama might have heard from the woman who loved and raised him are in no means equivalent to the venomous tirades of Reverend Wright.

Obama has been getting a lot of heat for this [here] and has been trying to explain himself in interviews.

Well, it ain't over yet.

Today in an interview with Philly's sports radio station, WIP, Barak Obama kicked his grandmother once again, saying she's no more racist than other white folk. He seems to think that there's such a thing as a "typical white person" and that person is at core a racist.

Ouch! That's gotta hurt. That Ivy League educated young man isn't handling this stuff very well at all.

Listen to the interview here.


Geraldine Ferraro hits back at Obama for his false moral equivalence between her and the odious Rev. Wright [here].