Day By Day

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Gloves Are Off

P. J. O'Rourke is a brave and principled man. He is currently in treatment for cancer. As a cancer patient he is precisely the kind of person who would be expected to strongly support the administrations position on funding for embryonic stem cell research, but his principles lead him to speak honestly, something that the Young Messiah seems to be incapable of doing.

In his latest column [here] O'Rourke argues that President Obama is a blatant and amoral liar who does not hesitate to undermine fundamental democratic principles in pursuit of his agenda. The case in point is the speech Obama gave defending his removal of the restriction on using federal funds to support embryonic stem cell research which, Democrat lies to the contrary, is not the same thing as a ban on stem cell research, but the implication is that similar judgments could be made regarding other Obama declarations.

O'Rourke, perhaps because in his present circumstances he has little to fear either professionally or personally, is the first major journalist to openly launch such charges against Obama. Will this be the first of many? I suspect so.