Day By Day

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Miami Pictures [On the Beach]

Of course the main reason people go to Miami is to hang out on the beaches. We were there for a professional meeting and were staying downtown but first chance we got we headed east. Here's a bit of what we saw.

As you can see we are walking from north to south heading for South Beach. These guard stands are iconic -- everyone takes pictures of them, so why not me? What makes this one neat for me is those birds taking flight on the right of the image. They are called "Laughing Gulls".

Lifeguard stations are all well and good, but people watching is where it's at on the beach. Here we are a couple of blocks further South and the "birds" on the beach [sorry for the sixties British slang] are of a completely different species.

Tearing my attention away from the sand I looked out across the water.

And there's this. The original image was a bit hazy so I ramped up the contrast and boy did it make a difference. You can really see the contrasting hues of sand, surf, and blue water. It doesn't look real, but I don't care -- I like it this way.