Day By Day

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shameless and Scary

And speaking of greater evils -- Jay Ambrose gets to the heart of the AIG scandal.

As obnoxiously avaricious as these AIG contractual bonuses were, it is authoritarian, unconstitutional overreach for the government to try to block them at this point. Obama does not care. He shares the blame for anger at the executives, having railed repeatedly and demagogically against economically insignificant CEO salaries, and now that this public fury is turning in his direction, his administration is making it clear it is perfectly happy to throw the rule of law overboard.

Read it here -- he also has some juicy words for the Young Messiah.

Authoritarianism, disregard for constitutional limits, shameless demagoguery, death threats -- sound familiar?

Obama is leading us into dark and dangerous territory.

Cartoon, Michael Ramirez at IBD. Check him out here.