Day By Day

Friday, March 27, 2009

Miami Report -- Raving

Tonight thousands of young people are swarming into the area around our hotel. I asked one guy what was going on. "A Rave!" he replied. "People are coming from all over the world."

I checked it out. Indeed there is a twelve-hour concert being held one block from where we are staying. It is being produced by ViRAM and FSOB. That seems to mean something to the young folk, but nothing to me. From the advertisements it seems that about thirty groups will be performing. I had never heard of any of them, but then I quit listening to pop music in the mid-sixties [about the time it got political].

This afternoon my brother and I were walking around the area and heard them testing the equipment. Lots of heavy bass beats and LOUD! I hope it doesn't penetrate our room -- we need the sleep.

It has started -- Ed Rush and Optical up first. Here's a sample of their work.

Already I'm cringing.