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Friday, March 27, 2009

You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

When Obama talked about spreading the wealth around he wasn't kidding. The redistributionist, anti-capitalist elements of his stimulus programs are serious stuff, but nothing compared to what is coming down the pike.

Here's an alarming item from FOX News:

A United Nations document on "climate change" that will be distributed to a major environmental conclave next week envisions a huge reordering of the world economy, likely involving trillions of dollars in wealth transfer, millions of job losses and gains, new taxes, industrial relocations, new tariffs and subsidies, and complicated payments for greenhouse gas abatement schemes and carbon taxes — all under the supervision of the world body.

Those and other results are blandly discussed in a discretely [discreetly?] worded United Nations "information note" on potential consequences of the measures that industrialized countries will likely have to take to implement the Copenhagen Accord, the successor to the Kyoto Treaty, after it is negotiated and signed by December 2009. The Obama administration has said it supports the treaty process if, in the words of a U.S. State Department spokesman, it can come up with an "effective framework" for dealing with global warming.

Read it here.

Oh my, oh my, oh my!!!