Day By Day

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Testing, Testing

The criminally naive assumption, oft proclaimed, of the Obama administration has been that the source of conflict throughout the world was somehow related to Republican policies. A change in administration, we were repeatedly assured, would bring new policies and with them an era of international peace, a restoration of American prestige and influence, or something like that. International hostilities, it was argued, would at the very least be reduced to a tolerable level.

Well, we'll see. As Joe Biden prophesized, the testing has come.

Just a few weeks ago Russia engineered the expulsion of American military forces from Kazakhistan [whereupon the Kazakh government, having extracted a hefty bribe from the Russians, let it be known that they were willing to negotiate a continuing American presence in their country -- for an adequate bribe, of course]. We don't know yet how that is going to turn out.

Then Obama sets a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, whereupon the suicide murderers once again took to the streets of Baghdad [here].

Both Britain and India -- America's most reliable allies in Europe and South Asia respectively, suffered diplomatic snubs due to the ineptitude of Obama's team.

And sectarian violence has again emerged in Northern Ireland [here].

And China has begun to harass U.S. naval vessels in the South China Sea [here].

And Russia is making threatening noises toward the E.U. and our East European allies.

And the North Korean nutjobs have placed their military on full alert and are again making threatening noises against the U.S. They're talking war. [here]

And the political and military situation is deteriorating in Afghanistan and Pakistan [here].

And Hamas is gaining popular support again in Palestine [here].

And so far, no response from the White House.

The world is not going to sit by quietly and wait until Obama completes his ideologically driven restructuring of the American economy and society. Danger presses in on all sides and the Young Messiah must soon rouse himself from his seemingly perpetual state of exhaustion to meet it.