Day By Day

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Teleprompter In Chief

I had earlier speculated as to whether Obama's staff were feeding him answers, via teleprompter, during his press conferences [here]. Well it turns out it's true.

The Hill reports:
[Obama is] so addicted to the teleprompter that one is tempted to believe he relies on it in private conversations with his wife and kids. He uses it for large speeches, news conferences and small gatherings. It turns out that he is to past presidents as news readers are to actual reporters. He reportedly even wants a video screen installed on his podium so that aides can provide answers to questions during press conferences.
Read it here.

The glamor surrounding "The One" is beginning to dissipate and as it does he is being revealed not just as an ordinary political hack but as something much less. The guy actually wants to become a sock puppet for his staffers.