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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Iowahawk On Republican Reform

This time his target is the self-styled "intellectuals" in the Republican party who fell for Obama before the election and now want to reform the party to make it less "populist".

T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII
Editor, the National Topsider
Membership Chairman, The Newport Club

Much has been written about the fate of the conservative movement in the months since last I corresponded with you. I won't belabor the barrels of ink expended in the printing of its obituary, nor will I bore you with further reading of its entrails. Suffice it to say the grand old ship is in the doldrums, adrift in the electoral currents, with nary a harbor on the horizon. But it is time we leave such map room mopery aside and navigate a bold new course for the conservative armada. One needn't have a 400-year old heirloom scrimshaw sextant for this task; but, fortunately, I do.

Hilarious, read the whole thing here.