Day By Day

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hangin' Out in Miami

"She Who Must Not Be Named" and I flew down to Miami today. Got up early (3:00 am) to finish packing [damn those luggage limits], got to the Airport at 6:00, waited for the plane, took off around 9:00 and soon "high above the clouds we fly". We got to the hotel around 1:00 pm; I was already tired and ready for a nap, but the room wasn't ready and wouldn't be for three hours. Oh well! We ate a long lunch and wandered around looking at the neighborhood a bit, then I found a comfortable seat in the lobby and dozed off.

I woke up to this. There were several beautiful young women standing around the lobby. I asked SWMNBN, "models?" "She" replied, "could be, they're skinny enough" and added "they look like sticks". I leave it to your judgment, are they indeed sticky?

Indeed they were models. There was a fashion show nearby and the reason they were standing around was that they were waiting for the organizer to show up with their checks. He showed, handed out the filthy lucre, they all hugged and then split.

Finally we got to our room. I immediately collapsed on the bed and fell asleep while "She" unpacked her things.

It didn't take her long to finish organizing everything to her satisfaction, then "She" poked me awake saying, "lets go, I need to get some things." She wanted to find a convenience store but wasn't about to go out of the hotel by herself.

We explored the area near our hotel. It was fascinating -- lots of brand new buildings, some really nice architecture. This is a picture of Miami Beach, off across the Bay. Tomorrow while "She" is in meetings my brother and I will be heading over there, although if he brings a camera we might head down to the Japanese Gardens on Jungle Island instead and leave South Beach for another day.

I mentioned local architecture. Check these out. Last time I was in Miami, a few years back, none of these existed. The real estate boom of the past couple of decades has really changed this part of the city for the better..., much better. This used to be "Little Haiti" with "Little Havana" off to the West and "Liberty City" to the North. Now the area hosts high-end fashion shows.

Eventually "She" found just what she was looking for -- a shopping arcade down by Biscayne Bay that had all sorts of things including a convenience store. "She" shopped while I carried, then "She" kept shopping while I sat and watched TV outside a nearby bar. Eventually "She" was shopped out (for now) and we trundled back to our hotel for some badly needed sleep.