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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Tunisia Trip -- Part Twenty One

After a brief rest at our hotel we headed back out into the oasis for dinner. When we reached our destination we were first met by a mysterious rider.

We followed him back further into the oasis where we encountered a fire eater.

Here he is warming up.

Flame on!!!

More camels.

Preparing dinner.

We took seats around tables under a nomad tent, began our repast, and settled in for the evening's entertainment.

Good balance.



And of course, as is traditional at such events, several of us were dragged out of our seats to join in the dance.

It was a fun evening. Good food, good conversation, and a chance to make fools of ourselves. Finally, we trudged back to the cars and headed back to the hotel once more. There would be a lot to do in the morning.

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