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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Sarah Stalker

Sleazebag author Joe McGinniss has moved in next door to Sarah Palin in order to spy on her and her family while he prepares a book on her.

Sarah writes on her facebook wall:

Maybe we’ll welcome him with a homemade blueberry pie tomorrow so he’ll know how friendly Alaskans are.


Joe announced to Todd that he’s moved in right next door to us. He’s rented the place for the next five months or so. He moved up all the way from Massachusetts to live right next to us – while he writes a book about me.


Wonder what kind of material he’ll gather while overlooking Piper’s bedroom, my little garden, and the family’s swimming hole?

Welcome, Joe! It’ll be a great summer – come borrow a cup of sugar if ever you need some sweetener. And you know what they say about “fences make for good neighbors”? Well, we’ll get started on that tall fence tomorrow....

Read about it here.

Really, guys! This is way over the line..., and it's creepy too.

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