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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Latest Technocrat Offensive -- Fish

The UN's latest power grab, from AFP:

NEW YORK — The world faces the nightmare possibility of fishless oceans by 2050 unless fishing fleets are slashed and stocks allowed to recover, UN experts warned Monday.

"If the various estimates we have received... come true, then we are in the situation where 40 years down the line we, effectively, are out of fish," Pavan Sukhdev, head of the UN Environment Program's green economy initiative, told journalists in New York.

A Green Economy report due later this year by UNEP and outside experts argues this disaster can be avoided if subsidies to fishing fleets are slashed and fish are given protected zones -- ultimately resulting in a thriving industry.

Read it here.

Well the global warming scam didn't work all that well; maybe saving the fish will be the vehicle that will enable the globalist technocrats to take control of the oceans. At least, that's what they hope.

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