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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Case for Sarah's Genius

Conservative commentator Tony Lee lays it out in the Atlantic:

Recently he attended a speech given by Governor Palin.

Nowhere did I see a caricature of a bumbling dolt just going through the motions. What I did hear was substance. Warmth. Humor. Unapologetic feistiness. And an optimistic belief in conservative values and principles. And what I saw was the makings of a potentially transcendent and transformational figure not only for the conservative movement but for American politics.
"Transcendent and transformational" -- hey, wasn't that what they said about Obama? Why yes it was. Why Americans of all political persuasions, living freely in the midst of plenty, should be looking for fundamental change is beyond me, as is their mad belief that some transcendental figure could deliver it. Lee's description of Sarah sounds a lot like the nonsense the Obamabots were spewing little more than a year ago.

Lee does however note that, like Obama, Sarah invokes powerful cultural memes -- those of a "mama bear" protecting children and future generations from the consequences of current policies; and of a strong, self-reliant "frontier feminist". What is more, when she speaks she, also like Obama, can relate her ideas to her life's experiences, and because she can gains credibility with her audience.

Combine that with boundless optimism [comparable to Obama's "audacity"] and a genuine delight in confounding liberals that endears her to conservatives everywhere, and you have one very potent political force.

Don't sell her short. Democrats have reason to fear her.

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