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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tunisia Trip -- Part Twenty Seven

One final stop before we could rest and clean up, a small Berber encampment surrounded by these interesting sand features.

Of course the locals were hawking their wares, including captive raptors [these are buzzards]. Note their primary feathers are missing and they can't fly very well.

Amidst all the sand and salt, a tiny desert bloom.

And even in this isolated place, a local mosque.

To give you some idea of how unforgiving the environment is here on the edge of the Sahara, the water that comes to the surface is too hot to be used for irrigation, so before it can be pumped to the fields it has to be cooled. This is a cooling facility. The water is pumped to the top and then sprayed over a series of plates to cool it before it can be used for agriculture.

Enough of the deep desert -- on to the hotel.

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